Life With Ali

Saturday, July 16, 2005

So... you ponder....what is Life With Ali really like? I promise you that its rather dull most days. But we'll have plenty of time for all the dull things later. I suppose I need to introduce myself. I am called Allison. I am thirty years old, just turned. I have two parents and a sister. I have grown up here all my life. I have a husband named Jermiah. He is a chef. Not a cook, but a real-life chef. Blows my mind, still. He is also my soul-mate. The man that was always intended for me. We have three children (from my first marriage-someday we'll get into that as well), they are called Sean, Andrew and Ethan.

Sean, being the oldest at 10 years, is almost as tall as me and wears the same size shoe I do. I can barely remember when he was tiny. Was he ever tiny? He loves skateboards, video games and girls. Good Lord, Girls! Did I mention hes handsome? The trouble that gets him into. Hes very grown up and is my right hand man. I don't know where my life would be without him.

Andrew is my second child. He is my kindred spirit. My deep thinking, quiet, keeps to himself. Hes also one of the most caring human beings I have ever known. He often reminds me of the reasons why I should turn the other cheek and be the bigger person. Hes amazing, and as much as hes learning from me I'm learning from him everyday as well. Hes made me a kinder, gentler person.

Then we have this mess we call Mike. Hes really called Ethan, but for some reason Mike stuck. He is very very funny. Hes our comic relief. His favorite things are "Jakers and the Adventures of Piggly Winks" and underwear. Need I say more? Hes an awesome awesome kid. His little heart is so big. I only wish everyone in this world had an opportunity to meet him.

We also have an awesome Golden Retriever we call Pal. Pal has a slew of cats and kittens that he fosters. There is Lucy or Moma kitty, then Oscar who is daddy to four new babies. Lucy also has Patches, Sugars and Wendy from a previous relationship. LOL. I am up to my eye balls in cats, so if you know anyone who wants one I am more than willing to lovingly give them to good homes. You think I'm joking. LOL. Cats can be shipped you know. LOL.

That pretty much rounds out the whole wonderful mess of us. Well, except one. Maybe I'll write more on him later.